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Check out our wedding party (Updated 9/15/11)

These are people who have meant a lot to us over the years. We’ve asked them each to write a little bit about themselves so you can know them a bit before the big day. Enjoy!

Whitney DeGroff

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the friend of a kid named… Kyle We.

In Metzger, Oregon born and raised
On Cedarcrest is where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, biking, relaxing all cool
Kicking around the soccer ball outside of school
When a couple of guys, we were friends from the hood
Started making clubs in my neighborhood
We all grew up and our moms got scared,
Said, “Remember when you’re grown who helped get you there.”

I whistled for a cab and when it came near,
Driver’s name was Kyle and had Eminem in the air
If anything I could say our Bally’s membership was there, and
Twice a week I thought “Yea, dollar bowling is fair.”

We pulled up to Tualatin High about second or third
And I hid down the hall as my friend made it clear
I looked down to see that he was right about her
They were made for each other, how incredibly rare.

Justin “Juice” Henderson

I enjoy LEDs, new music, the Seattle Sounders, traveling, board games, walking Bowie (our pug) in warm weather, Childish Gambino, looking at maps and Netflix. I really like BBQ chips and Grilled Cheese…together. Seriously, try it. Get a bag of BBQ chips (any brand will do) and grill a cheese sandwich. Smash up the bag of chips (not to much though) and after the cheese is melted, pull apart slices of bread and insert smashed chips. For a change of pace, add bacon.

My favorite video game has to be something from the Halo series. I guess I play it a lot because my partner, Bethany, asks nightly, “are you going to play Halo with the boys?”
Currently, I’m the Public Relations Director and Customer Support person at Oznium.com, an LED company. The company is located in Colorado, but I’m not.

I met Kyle on his first day of orientation in college. He was in this room with his new roommate, Chris Howe-we-do, with the door open. I remembered my first day of school and how it was tough to meet new people, so I decided to introduce myself and say hello. So I did that. I walked into their room and said hello. That’s the story. Really. That’s it. (Editor’s notes: I thought Juice was my RA. He wore a giant blue foam cowboy hat.)

Chris Howe

I am also a PLU grad, class of 2008, and am currently a Sales
Representative for Verizon Wireless. I love to golf, bowl, and take
long walks….to the couch where I will sit and play xbox for hours on
end. Kyle and I were assigned as roommates for our Freshman year at
PLU. Probably one of the funniest memories Kyle and I shared was
during our first two years of college, we would frequent the local
campus bistro across the street from our dorm and stockpile bottles of
apple juice and packets of frozen macaroni and cheese, not to mention
with each visit grabbing handfuls of plastic ware, napkins, and
ketchup packets. This continued to point where everyone on our floor
knew to come to our room to access our 3′ tall drawer organizer filled
with the plastic essentials and condiments to go. Come to think of it,
we probably should have charged some sort of convenience fee…

Adam Fuller

Kyle had the pleasure of making my acquaintance thanks to our mutual decision to attend PLU. We independently chose the most phallic tower on campus, Tingelstad, as our dormitory residence. The We Man was shy at first, but after discovering my passion for video games a beautiful bromance was inevitable. Shortly after bonding with shy Kyle, I was introduced to his future wifemate, Shannon. Initially, Shannon was turned off by my bravado and bodacious bod, but I quickly wooed her with my calculated charm and whizzing wit.

Now in my dotage, I spend my days working as a number cruncher for an independently owned employee benefits consulting firm. The income provided allows for my lavish bachelor lifestyle in Portland’s Northwest District. I regularly attend Rogue Brewery for a pint or Casa del Matador for their happy hour.

I’m truly honored to help these two great friends commit to one another and look forward to celebrating with all of you.

Belinda Ho

What do you like to do?
A: Hang out with Kyle and Shannon

What is your favorite video game?
Portal, Diablo 2, watching Kyle play Halo 2

What’s your vocation
To make the world a better place for Shannon and Kyle

How did you meet us?
Shannon and I were lazy butts and carpooled to gym class in college (all two minutes of the drive). Kyle and I lived in the same dorm. We also did ASPLU together and really changed the world.

Tell us a story
Once there was a polar bear that liked to play Scrabble while eating chocolate pudding…

Erin Drummond

I first met Shannon during orientation week our freshman year at PLU. We had both signed up to take Social Work 190, and were forced to suffer through a plethora of those super fun ice breakers together. We were neighbors in the dorms sophomore year, and then roommates junior and senior year. We’ve bonded over Harry Potter, beach trips, camping trips, mindless TV shows, Rummikub, Disneyland trips, books, music, beer, and a shared political/social view. I count Shannon as one of my closest and best friends and am so privileged to honor both Shannon and Kyle during this exciting time. I am so looking forward to celebrating on Nov. 26th, and continuing to celebrate their relationship for years to come!

Brian Benson

The first time I ever saw Kyle was in a class at PLU: Human Cultural Diversity, which was about as interesting as it sounds. Fast forward a year when I finally met the guys of 7 West in Tingelstad. They seemed like a good group, and were a nearby and ever-present relief from the often unruly batch of residents on my own floor (Editor’s note: They ate my creamsicles from the communal fridge).

We gamed, we bladed, we map inspected, and I learned the proper way to eat green jello-ish pudding stuff (aka good.. what is this stuff? I don’t know man… good.) It was evident that I was no longer a one man wolfpack, as they asked me to be the 4th person in the now infamous Quad in South Hall. There, each morning I was greeted by Kyle in his blue shorts and orange Nike Portland running event shirt. The rest is history.

Kim Dixon

Kim met the bride and groom in college while attending Pacific Lutheran University. During the second half of their freshman year, Kim and Shannon lived together as roommates in Pflueger Hall. The two became close friends enjoying many fun adventures including spring break trips to Disneyland and spur of the moment dance parties. Currently residing in Bellevue, WA, Kim enjoys shopping, arts & crafts, concerts and photography. Her favorite video game is Duck Hunt, followed closely by Mrs. Pac Man.

Laura McAdams

Shannon and I met when we were 11 years old at Living Savior Church in Tualatin, OR. The fondest memories of my adolescence include the many retreats, day trips and mission trips we took together with our youth group. We’ve pulled many all-nighters together, staying up to dance in the rain, play card games, or just talk. Shannon then went off to college in Tacoma and I went to UW in Seattle. I warmly remember Shannon and Kyle’s visits. Mostly during this time, though, Shannon and I kept in touch the old fashioned way: via handwritten letters.

I have now been living and working in Fez, Morocco since September 2010. I spend my time researching the policies and practices of technology in mathematics education in middle schools. I’ve also been able to explore lovely Morocco, become a part of a wonderful community in the old city of Fez, and eat a lot of tasty food. My favorite Moroccan meal has got to be a juicy tagine: a slow-cooked, meaty, stew-like dish sometimes served with prunes and always eaten with fresh bread.

Shannon has been a lifelong friend and I am so honored and excited to be a part of her and Kyle’s wedding.

Janell Goodwin

I’ve known Shannon longer than Kyle…. Which means I’ve known her for a Long time ! We’ve been friends looking for adventures, gummy candies and good movies since junior high. It’s hard to find someone who is more caring and sweet than Shannon. But I have seen Kyle take great care and show a lot of love toward Shannon over the years. I am so honored and thankful to be a part of such a special day for Shannon and Kyle.

Haley Katelyn Greene Fish

I am Shannon’s middle sister. We grew up with a love-hate thing going on, but, as we matured,(I would say grew up, but, if you know me, you know there is not much height involved!) we became best friends. I went to OSU and became a CPA. I live in Portland with my husband, Scott. We own a house in Metzger near Washington Square Mall, Shannon and Kyle rent the mother-in-law suite of our home. You would think having them so close that we would be sick of them but in reality we are all so busy I don’t see them as much as I would like to. Shannon and Kyle have great friends whom have let us share in many of their adventures at the Fish bowl and Fish bowl 2.0. We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate this happy event with two of our favorite people.

Scott Taylor Fish

I am Haley’s husband. Haley and I started dating in 2004, two years after Kyle and Shannon started dating. I met Haley at OSU and work at an online marketing agency. I am known for being lazy and not finishing the milk, but really I have just prioritized my many hobbies which include: racquetball, collecting maps, and going to estate sales(dreaming about Storage Wars). I like reality TV, especially The Millionaire Matchmaker and Pawn Stars, and to play simple video games on my smart phone. One of my favorite things to do with Shannon and Kyle is go to happy hour at the Casa del Matador; GREAT NACHOS!

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